“This post is for anyone who is not such a great ‘morning person’. You’re the type of person who often struggles to get yourself going early doors, or even just to get out of bed, and are most likely seen running into the office in an attempt to make it in on time. Again.”

I like to think I’m quite an organised individual. I’m one of those people who like things to be ‘just-so’ and when they’re not, it stresses me out a little. Yes, I make the bed every morning, I plump the cushions on the sofa at the end of the evening and I’m obsessed with making lists for pretty much anything. My friends laugh at me because I always start packing for a holiday weeks before the departure date. After of course, making a list of not only everything I need to remember to pack, but also a list of my outfits I’ll be wearing every day and evening I’m away. I sound pretty anal, right?! Not even sorry.

So, I’d like to think I can do some good with my more (annoying) self and help share some of my organisational wisdom when it comes to cutting vital minutes off your morning routine. God knows we all need help in that department. So, this is for anyone who is not such a great ‘morning person’. You’re the type of person who often struggles to get yourself going early doors, or even just to get out of bed, and are most likely seen running into the office in an attempt to make it in on time. Again.

The things on the list are fairly obvious, although I’m surprised by how many people don’t do them. Trust me, you’re doing yourself a favour here. In fact, I recently tested it out. Note: I’m pretending I tested it out. The reality was I got super lazy and stopped doing these things because quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered. And my God did I notice the difference. I took significantly longer to get ready in the morning, resulting in me leaving later (forgetting to factor in the ever-increasing rush hour traffic) and getting to work just in the nick of time. Phew. So yes, I can vouch for these things working, and I’m hoping you’ll find the same!

Here’s 10 super simple things you can do each and every day to save minutes off your morning madness.

1. Save both your £££’s and time by making your lunch at home, the night before.

Who has time to make something in the morning? Not you. And let’s be real, can you really be bothered to have to stop on route to work just to pick something up from the shop that’s way overpriced and you don’t even really like that much?! Be savvy and quickly make your lunch in the evening, before settling down for the night. 

2. Shower and do your hair the night before.

This is a great one if like me, you have thick or long hair which takes a long time to dry/straighten/curl. In fact, if you do this you’re going to save more than just 10 minutes off your morning routine. And the bonus? Just think of how much longer you can stay in bed for! There’s no way you can resist that now, is there?!

3. Pack your bag the night before.

I don’t really need to explain this one. Think about everything you’re going to need the next day and plonk it into your bag, so a) you don’t get to work and realise you’ve forgotten something, and b) you don’t have to rush around before leaving the house trying to find what you did with that really important letter…

4. Get your outfit for the next day sorted, and laid out ready to go – you guessed it, the night before! 

Yes, even down to your pants, bra and socks. Oh, and your shoes of course.

5. Have all your keys in your bag, or on your side table, so they’re within easy reach when you leave.

This saves you from desperately running around trying to find what you did with the damn things. It’s happened to the best of us.

6. Set your alarm 10 minutes earlier than the time you need to get up.

This will allow you to come around to the idea of having to get up, without having to instantly get up. I’m all for being kind to your body and all that. Oh, and don’t forget to set another alarm 10 minutes later in case a) you forget to press snooze and fall back to sleep and b) to remind you that it’s now time to get up. Like, now.

7. Try to leave your house tidy(ish) before going to bed. FYI: plumping of cushions is not a requirement.

Having a tidy(ish) house means you won’t be tempted to “just quickly tidy a few things up” before you leave. And let’s face it, it reduces the risk of there being a health hazard when you’re running around frantically in the morning.

8. Keep all distractions at bay!

Whether that be your phone, a good book, or whatever else tempts you in the morning to read/look at/do instead of getting ready. Just don’t touch it! My mum is a fine example of this (sorry mum!) Every morning she sits down and reads her book whilst having her breakfast. Of course, she gets too absorbed into the story line and every morning, without fail, you can hear the famous words of “oh god is that the time?!”. She then proceeds to rush off to get ready, and leave the house 5 minutes later than she should. Don’t be this person.

9. Listen to music.

Unless this is one of your distractions of course! Putting on music can help to wake you up, as well as make you get ready that little bit quicker (if you choose a faster paced song that is) to keep up with.

10. Keep your makeup simple.

If you’re like me and would never dream of not wearing makeup out, but you also find it to be a massive chore, then you need to cut down on what you use and stick to the basics. The term ‘less is more’ is very relevant here. I stopped wearing full eye makeup in the day (work or no work) and it saved a huge amount of time. Foundation, bronzer, mascara and a bit of lipstick? You’re good to go.


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