“Here’s 17 things I’ve learnt in 2017, that will help me in 2018.”

Heading towards the end of the year calls for a little reflection to be had. I always think it’s a good idea to look back on what you’ve been up to, see what you’ve achieved that year, address the not so nice things that may have happened, but most of all, to take some life lessons from it all to make next year even better.

So, here’s 17 things I’ve learnt in 2017, that will help me in 2018:

1. Saving money isn’t easy. And holidays are expensive. Life lesson: Set up a direct debit each month so I can’t spend that money on anything else.

2. Some people are just unlucky and have shitty health. No matter what they do. Life lesson: Be grateful for my good health (touch wood) and stop moaning about unimportant things like ‘losing weight’.

3. Exercise makes you feel better, and more energised. Even when it’s the last thing on earth you want to do. Life lesson: Get off said bum (you’ve only been sat down all day) and work out. Even if it’s for 20 minutes. You will feel better after.

4. The gym life isn’t for me. And that’s okay.Life lesson: Do other forms of exercise, rather than nothing. They do exist and you do enjoy other sport. Like yoga.

5. I’m really terrible at maths. Or analysing data. Or dealing with numbers. Like, really really bad. (I’ve always known this, but it’s been reaffirmed). Life lesson: Avoid anything mathematical at all costs. Seriously, try.

6. I’m a little bit obsessed with buying decor to furnish the house – even if I can’t afford to buy it that month. Life lesson: Save save save so you can spend spend spend! Buy things as a treat, not all in one go.

7. Pets make a house a home.Life lesson: Despite them possibly ruining aspects of your house, the happiness they’ve brought overrules the stress. Pets win.

8. Blogging is fun. And hard work. And totally worth it at the same time. Don’t be embarrassed by telling anyone and everyone! Life lesson: Keep being you, and the right people will love it, and support you. Preach sister.

9. Not everyone would act as you would. Let them get on with it and say “Au Revoir”. Life lesson: Don’t dwell on the past, and be thankful that you’ve not got people like that in your life anymore. Laters Hun.

10. I’ve come a long way since school. Life lesson: Be proud of what you’ve achieved, and where you’ve gone. And thank God you’ve long moved on since those days. 

11. Thai food is possibly my favourite cuisine. Life lesson: Have more of it. It tastes so God damn good.

12. I love YouTube. And vlogs. And now I finally get why Harry loves it so much. Life lesson: All I’m going to say is, watch this space…

13. Waxing is…a good experience. What the!? Life lesson: Don’t shave. Just go for a wax. You’ll thank me later.

14. Baking is definitely my forte. Not cooking. Life lesson: Stick to the sweet treats, Harry can do the cooking. Win win?

15. I’m so over nights out. Hello 70 year old me. Life lesson: Embrace the nights in, and don’t even feel guilty about it. Not even once.

16. Going solo to events when you know no one else there is actually pretty cool.Life lesson: You’re more confident than you may think. Get out of your comfort zone more often!

17. I’ve a new found love for all things photography. Wow. Does this mean I’ve finally found my hobbies after 23 years of having…zilch? Life lesson: Go on a photography course, and as long as you keep loving it, keep doing it!


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