“Despite the popularity of podcasts, I’ve only recently ‘discovered’ this world. I personally never felt like I was a ‘listen to a podcast’ kind of girl. Of course I was very quickly proven wrong.”

4 Podcasts you need to be listening to now

Podcasts. We hear about them. We see the ‘Podcast’ app sitting on our phones. And, even people we follow are starting them. But, are you yet to venture so far as to checking any out?

Not to worry.

We all know we live in a time poor culture, and trawling through page after page to find a good podcast that’s going to be worth your time is no-ones idea of a fun night in (although this is). So, I’m saving you the time, hassle and energy, by dishing up 4 must-listen to podcasts to get you started. Trust me. Podcasts will win you over sooner than you can say…well, podcast.

As you’ve probably seen if you’ve been just about anywhere lately, podcasts have become huge in what seems like no time at all. Or maybe it’s just that I’ve finally jumped on the bandwagon and am now slightly obsessed…who knows?

All I do know is that there are now so many amazing people out there doing them, and they’re absolutely killing it – for want of a better word. If you watched my YouTube video discussing my March favourites, you’ll have heard me mention one podcast I’m loving at the moment. But today, I’m taking it one step further and introducing you to four!

Podcasts are popular! And for good reason too…

Despite the popularity of podcasts, I’ve only recently ‘discovered’ this world. I personally never felt like I was a ‘listen to a podcast’ kind of girl. I was very quickly proven wrong. Harry constantly listens to them, so I thought I’d see what was around. And what do you know? Here I am now telling you guys all about them!

The thing is, I love having some ‘me-time’ every now and again. But I’m also pretty rubbish at settling down to fully relax until I’ve done a zillion chores around the house, done the food shop, plumped the pillows…you name it.

But, that’s the beauty of podcasts. You can listen to them on the go. You’re not bound by a laptop screen or TV. You don’t have to stay in one room to listen to them. And, you don’t have to read anything either. They go where you go. It’s not time-bound. You can pick up where you left off. It’s not limiting. And they’re commuter friendly.

I like that. A lot.

So, here’s my round-up of the best podcasts I’m listening to, and loving right now.

“Keeping It Candid”

Daring to breach ‘taboo’ topics, this chatty podcast says it like it is. No limits. No restrictions.

It goes live every two weeks and is hosted by Millie Cotton and Sophie Milner. The topics discussed are varied. They talk about relationships, blogging, how much they earn, and even boobs and bra’s. It’s an easy listen. And a jolly good one too.

It’s interesting. They’re relatable. They say it how it is with no holding back. And I like that. It gives you an insight into their lives, how they are doing in the blogging world and it’s made me feel like I know them a little better too. Have a listen – it’s a good podcast starting point. If ever there was one…

“The Fringe Of It”

This is a fairly new podcast, but it stormed the podcast library with the first episode and I’m not ashamed to say I’m obsessed. I mentioned my style inspiration in my March favourites and spoke about how Liv Purvis was to thank for my beret love. And, this podcast is run by the one and only – Liv Purvis(!) and Charlotte Jacklin.

It’s a weekly podcast (due to it doing so well after the first episode) and it’s like listening to the ultimate girly catch up, with a lot of wisdom and advice thrown in for good measure. You’ll finish each podcast feeling motivated and ready to better yourself. From friendships, to style to confidence. They’re covering it all.

At the start of each podcast, Liv and Charlotte discuss what they’ve shopped that week, what they’ve been watching, and generally what they’ve been up to. They then go on to the topic of the podcast, and end with an action. Something they want you to try and do this week, or to think about. It’s thought provoking and just an all-round brilliant listen.

“Happy Place”

“Happy Place” is a weekly podcast hosted by Fearne Cotton. I’ve always been a big fan of Fearne. She’s the definition of a successful woman in terms of her career and home life, and yes, can I be her now please?! I love her books and her cooking. I’ve even shared my favourite recipe of hers previously. She’s down to earth, caring and she seems so friendly.

If you know of Fearne, or follow her, you’ll know she brought out a book last year; “Happy” – all about finding the joy in everyday. The name gives it away really, doesn’t it? But this podcast follows this theme.

If you like being a bit nosy, this podcast is the perfect go-to. And, if you like a glimpse into celebrities lives, then this podcast is even better. It follows Fearne meeting up with different celebrities, talking about what’s currently happening in their lives and how they stay – wait for it – happy! It’s more of an interview style podcast, so it’s a little different to the others I’ve mentioned so far, but it’s super chatty and informal. Basically, it’s a lovely listen, it’s interesting and…it makes you feel happy! Add this one to your list. You’re bound to love it too.

“What She Said”

If you’re a blogger, or thinking of starting a blog, this is a great podcast to subscribe to. It’s another weekly one, and is hosted by Lucy Lucraft. This podcast covers it all, from branding, to photography, to social media, to SEO, to working with brands and self-promotion. Plus so much more. It really is limitless.

This is the most recent podcast I’ve come across, so I have lots of episodes to catch up on – but I can’t wait. Lucy chats to other successful influencers in each podcast to bring their knowledge to the discussion, which I love.

There’s so much to take in about the blogosphere. It’s a vast space where you constantly need to learn more and seek further knowledge, which isn’t always readily available. But now? You’re covered. Have a listen – it’ll help.

So there you have it! 4 podcasts I love to listen to on the regular.

Do you have any podcasts you would recommend? Let me know over on my Twitter or Instagram.


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