“We’re only human. Little, irrelevant things annoy us more than they really should. We have our moods. We forget to appreciate what we have. And it’s okay. But sometimes, we get these little joys where we realise just how lucky we are.”

4 reasons to be thankful

I’m currently writing this post on a glorious bank holiday weekend lay in my garden. The sun is shining, I can hear aeroplanes overhead, the odd dog barking and birds chirping away. I have some old school music on, Socks is fast asleep seeking shade under the tree and Harry is chilling out next to me. It’s fair to say I’m feeling very thankful. In fact, so content that I’m not letting the impending thought of work tomorrow creep into my thoughts. Not just yet.

I’ve spent my bank holiday weekend at home seeing my mum, getting my hair done, having dinner out with friends, taking a day trip to Stratford-upon-Avon, and now finally, relaxing. My makeup is off, my hair is up, my pasty legs are getting some sunshine at long last and I’ve even brought out the sun cream. Yes, it’s that hot. I have just over a week until Harry and I are off to Rhodes for 4 nights to seek more glorious weather (fingers crossed) and right now, life couldn’t get much better.

I’m happy. I’m relaxed. And I’m feeling very thankful for everything I have in my life. Which has led me to write this very post.

We’re only human. Little, irrelevant things annoy us more than they really should. We have our moods. We forget to appreciate what we have. And that’s okay. But sometimes, we get these little joys where we realise just how lucky we are.

Yes, we may not have the biggest house, or the best grades out of our friends, or even earn half of what someone else our age does. But we’re lucky. No matter how big, or small – we all have reasons to be thankful. And if you can’t think of any, or see that right now, then I’m giving you 4 reasons which may help.

1. You’re alive.

Wow, no brainer – you may be thinking. But seriously. When people used to throw around the saying “life’s too short” I never fully understood it. I was young. 90 odd years seemed like a long life. Not a short one. 90 years. 32,850 days of living. That doesn’t seem short does it? Of course, not everyone lives to 90 years of age. But all too often we go by day to day without really realising where the days go – “Wow, how is it May already?!”.  

The reality is, time passes without us even noticing it. Our days merge into one, and then bam! We’re soon going to be closer to 30 than we are to 20. Gulp. Life really is too short. Cherish it. Make memories. Do whatever it is that will make you happy, not someone else. It’s your life to live. Be thankful you’re here, in this amazing space, to do as you wish.

2. The sun is shining.

Okay, this one isn’t always going to be the case. Granted. But when the sun is shining, it’s crazy how it can boost your mood. And hey, if we had sunshine every single day for all of our lives? We wouldn’t appreciate it half as much.

So, I’m going out on a limb here and saying it’s probably for the best. When the sun shines, I tend to see where I live in a different light. Everyone seems happier, the landscape looks prettier and more inviting and I just want to get my camera out and snap away. The Vitamin D is very warmly greeted by us all (especially if you live in England) and it’s definitely something to be thankful for.

Get outside. Lie on a beach. Sit out in your garden. Go to the park. Have a walk. Read a book. Whatever you choose to do, just make sure you enjoy it.

3. There will always be someone in your life who cares.

Whether that’s a parent, your partner, a friend, a colleague, a family friend – or even a pet! We all have someone in our lives who truly cares about us. About how we’re doing in life. How our jobs are going. How we feel. Someone who will listen. And wants to listen. We often forget to appreciate those closest to us when we get caught up in the everyday, but we should always be thankful for them. They’re amazing, and we’re very lucky to have them.

4. The world is your oyster.

Okay, bare with the cheesiness of this one, but it’s so true. You’re never tied to one place in this world. Even if you’ve convinced yourself you are.

If you saw the news the other day, it mentioned how a 50 year old couple decided to quit their jobs, sell all of their possessions and travel the world in a camper van. Why? Because they realised life is too short to not do what you want. Do you want to travel? Then do it. Of course, money comes into this one. But even if it’s just having enough money to get a flight, ferry, or train to a new destination and somewhere to stay for a short while, it’s all possible.

Start up somewhere new, meet new people, see new sights and get a new job. My point is, this world is huge. And it’s amazing. And our opportunities really are limitless. There are so many places to see which are simply waiting for us to arrive. Whether you choose to see them through travelling, or through separate holidays, there’s no reason why you can’t just get up and go. We’re lucky we have the freedom, and even the option to do so. This one is definitely something to be thankful for. After all, we all start out on this Earth the same way. It’s the way we choose to live our lives that differs.

So, what are you thankful for?

Jot it down. Next time you’re next feeling less than thankful, you can refer back to it. I guarantee it will give you the perspective you need at that moment in time. Goodbye mood!


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