With the relaunch of Madelaineblogs, it only seemed fitting to start by looking back at some of my favourite posts to date (as well as an introductory post, of course).

I’m sure I’ll be revisiting the whole rebrand process from start to finish with Madelaineblogs soon; what you can expect, how I did it, the move I made etc, so I’ll spare the details for now. But, one of the reasons it’s taken quite so long is because I had to manually transfer over every. single. post. As much of a pain in the derrière that’s been, it’s given me the opportunity to revisit and fall back in love with quite a few of them.

So, let’s take a little look back shall we?

My favourite posts to date:

  1. First up, it’s got to be “What the Spice Girls taught me about adulthood.” In this post, I take a look back at some of my all time favourite songs which were on repeat in my household growing up, sharing the important life lessons they taught us all. “The Spice Girls were independent women, powerful and knew what they stood for. And what’s not to look up to about that?! From a young age, their wisdom and songs taught me the way. To swing it, shake it, move it, make it and to just show how good you are.”
  2. Next, it only seems fitting to share a time-sensitive post with you –“Spring Cleaning 101”. With Spring just around the corner and Mrs Hinch being a name we’re all familiar with, we’re most likely going to be spring cleaning our home very soon. I share my experience of spring cleaning to make sure you tackle it right, the first time. “Spring cleaning 101 – what ‘spring cleaning’ really means, what to expect, and how to get in the right frame of mind to make it a success. Because let’s face it. No one wants to start and then give up half way through after drowning under all the mess you’ve now got yourself into.”
  3. This next post is purely a feel good one – “How to boost your mood: 30 day challenge.” This really is what it says on the tin. 30 things you can do each day to boost your mood. “Learn how to slow down the pace of your day. Reduce the amount of things to ‘tick off’. De-stress a little. And have more time for you.” Fancy giving it a go?
  4. Coming in at number 4, has got to be a “Men’s gift guide: what to buy a guy who has it all.” Gift guides are for life, not just for Christmas. After all, we all know someone’s birthday that’s coming up soon. “I thought I’d put together a little men’s gift guide for that guy in your life that you dread buying presents for. We all have one.”
  5. And last, but not least, I talked all about “living with your other half: the reality”. This is perfect for those of you who may be moving in with your S.O, want to get the lowdown on what it’s really like and hear everything I’ve learnt so far. “Living with your other half makes you closer than ever. And what’s even better? You’re in it together.”

So there you have it! Something for everyone. Have a little read through before we get stuck into lots of new content coming your way!

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I did!


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