Ok, so technically this isn’t food, but I HAD to tell you all about this secret little find, Bar Smultronstalle.

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend your evening rather than heading to your local pub or bar on a Friday or Saturday night, keep your eyes (or ears) peeled for Bar Smultronstalle. 

One of Birmingham’s hidden spaces, Bar Smultronstalle can be heard of but not easily seen. Intriguing right?!

With a selection of menus on offer, this boozy little evening will definitely leave you a little merry!

The beauty of this bar is its mystery. The less you know, the better – so I won’t be revealing any spoilers! But, if you have a love for tasting menus, have a desire to learn a little more about alcohol, and enjoy savouring your drink, this is the place for you. With a hidden twist, this bar is perfect for special occasions, with an intimate atmosphere and super knowledgeable owners who have a passion for all things alcoholic! 

Bar Smultronstalle is definitely one to look out for!


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