Blog post ideas for anyone who may have hit a dead end, is lacking some creative insight and is struggling with ideas of where to go next.”

A slip in your inspiration, getting out of a creative funk and feeling out of sorts happens to the best of us. I’ve shared some top tips previously on how to get your mojo back when you’re in a creative funk. But this time, I thought I’d share a few blog post ideas for anyone who may have hit a dead end, is lacking some creative insight and is struggling with ideas of where to go next. After all, these could just be the ‘spark’ you need to get your mojo back!

I’ve covered general posts, travel, interior and beauty. There’s something for everyone to help you get back to doing what you love – writing!

Blog post ideas: General

  1. Get to know me – a reintroduction
  2. Your blogging journey – when you started, what you’ve learnt, your goals going forward…
  3. A life update – where you’ve been, what you’ve been up to…
  4. 10 things that are making you happy this Spring/ Summer
  5. 5 goals you want to achieve by ‘x’
  6. [30] things you want to do before you’re [30]
  7. An open letter to…
  8. How to… achieve that work/life balance/ prep for interviews/ live more ethically etc.
  9. Top tips to… save minutes off your routine/ be more organised/ save money etc.
  10. Sharing your experience on… breakups/ maintaining relationships/ university life etc.

Blog post ideas: Beauty

  1. Your current beauty regime
  2. Tried and tested beauty products you swear by
  3. A review of “….” makeup
  4. A review of “…” skincare
  5. Your day to day makeup look
  6. Your evening makeup look
  7. How you style your hair
  8. Ethical products worth trying
  9. Vegan makeup brands you need to know about
  10. Beauty products you should try for “x” skin type

Blog post ideas: Travel

  1. Packing tips
  2. A travel guide to “…”
  3. 5 best places to visit in your local area on a budget
  4. A review of “….” hotel
  5. How to survive long haul journeys
  6. Tips to travel more sustainably
  7. Hostels vs hotels – your experience
  8. 5 reasons you need to add “…” as your next holiday destination
  9. Your top 5 holiday destinations
  10. Taking a gap year – your experience

Blog post ideas: Interior

  1. A home tour
  2. House hunting – the process from start to finish
  3. Top tips for saving money to buy a house
  4. [Spring] pieces you’re adding to your home
  5. 5 interior staple items everyone should own
  6. Your favourite interior shops
  7. How to… create a gallery wall/ create the perfect “shelfie”/ style your home on a budget/ make the most of small spaces etc.
  8. Top tips for decorating
  9. Top tips for renovating your home
  10. Renting: the do’s and don’ts

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