“This Lebanese delicatessen boasts a healthy menu filled with different Middle Eastern flavours (yum!), whilst catering for vegetarians and vegans too.”

Last weekend, Harry and I tried out Damascena, which recently opened its doors to Birmingham, Temple Row. 

This Lebanese delicatessen boasts a healthy menu filled with different Middle Eastern flavours (yum!), whilst catering for vegetarians and vegans too. 

This is a great little place if you don’t mind sharing your food! Harry and I ordered the mixed meze, fatayer platter and the zatar, mixed cheese and feta cheese manageesh (a definite “your eyes are bigger than your stomach” moment), but it was so worth it. The food is tasty, the service is great and it’s one of those chilled out places you can simply walk into after a shopping trip and feel right at home.

Aside from the delicious food on offer, the themed cafe transports you into the Middle East, making this more than just your average trip for a bite to eat.

A definite must-visit!


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