Falmouth on film. The title says it all!

This post is purely for the travel photos and less of the chat. Hello, FILM photos!

You will have seen on Instagram that towards the end of summer, Harry and I took a trip away to Falmouth for a little mini break. Seeing more of the UK is something I said I wanted to do more of a while ago, so off we went! I took my film camera, and got a little snap happy!


You see, I got a film camera at Christmas but I’ve only just got around to getting any photos developed – including from our trip to Copenhagen in January! Oops.

I’ve never used a film camera before now – and this one is old school! But it’s so much fun.

Less focus is on getting the ‘perfect shot’. You have no idea how the film photos are going to look until they’re developed, but I personally think that makes them pretty charming.

We had such a fab trip to Falmouth, and it’s so nice to have physical photos that offer something completely different to digital camera shots. Grainy, real, (albeit a little blurry) and a little over-developed – oops! – but I love them nonetheless.

These aren’t ‘instagram worthy shots’ by any means, but I’m pretty fond of them for a first (or second) attempt!

I hope you enjoy them! And who knows… I may make this more of a regular thing!

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