“So, is it worth it for the money? I think so. Am I glad I went? Definitely. Should you go? Errr, DUH *said in true Ross style*.”

Yes, you read the title right. Over the bank holiday weekend, Harry and I went to Friendsfest. If you have no idea what Friendsfest is, firstly I have to ask, what are you doing with your life? And secondly, where have you been all your life?  

Friendsfest is the perfect day out for people who were, and still are, devoted to one of the greatest TV programmes out there. People who continue to watch it on Comedy Central and who are most likely found shouting out the lines before they’re even said. Do you know which programme I’m on about yet? You know, The One with Ross and Rachel. Where “how you doin?” never gets old, the famous words of “we were on a break” still ring in your ears and smelly cat is the best song EVER. Of course, it has to be Friends. 

So, what does a day at Friendsfest consist of? In a basic summary? Friends galore. The Friends cast (not literally, unfortunately). Friends props. Friends sets. Friends themed…well, EVERYTHING. Sound good? I thought so. 

Friendsfest first ran last year and I was GUTTED to have missed it. So as soon as I heard it was back this year, I snapped up the opportunity to go (and possibly forced Harry to come with me). And, the good news? Friendsfest isn’t just based in London which I first thought was the case (hurray!). In fact, you have 6 different locations to catch it, over a 12 week period, so what’s your excuse?

The majority of the day is based outdoors (thank God it was good weather), with areas for photo opportunities (to re-create scenes from Friends) and food and drink venues, based around, you guessed it, Friends. “Whose up for visiting Central Perk?”, “Shall we go to the Chick & the Duck bar for a pimm’s?”, “Or, how about grabbing a bite to eat at Monica’s diner?” 

You also have the main outdoor area which has designated seating, so you can sit back, relax and watch…Friends. Oh yes! Once you’ve done all of this, don’t forget to check out the Friends shop too, which has lots of Friends memorabilia and clothing items on offer (yes, I purchased a Friends tee to mark the occasion). 

Then comes the best bit (which is indoors) – the set tour. Here, you get to explore Joey and Chandler’s apartment, cross the famous hallway, and do some more exploring around Monica’s apartment. Although you don’t do much while you’re here except keep twirling around trying to take in every angle, there’s something about being in the famous set that’s so exciting for a Friends fan, and yes, I loved it! Not only do you get to explore the apartments, but you also get to see some of the clothes the cast members actually wore whilst filming, along with props you’ll recognise from the episodes, including Ross’ science boy magazine, Rachel’s ‘Does it?’ 18 page double-sided letter to Ross, along with the big white dog Monica just loved…which by the way, is now insured for £10,000. Wowzas. 

Harry and I got to Friendsfest about 2 hours before our designated set tour, which was ideal. We had time to leisurely explore all of the other sections beforehand, which meant once we had done our set tour, we were all Friends-out. So, is it worth it for the money? I think so. Am I glad I went? Definitely. Should you go? Errr, DUH *said in true Ross style*.


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