“When I was asked if I wanted to try out more of the Eylure False Eyelashes range, I jumped at the chance. I know Eylure have a whole range of amazing false eyelashes, so this was the perfect time to see what else they have to offer and find out what I did, or did not, like.”

* AD – I was gifted 3 Eylure False Eyelashes in exchange for my honest review of these products.

For me, heading out for the night (despite being a little more few and far between nowadays) feels incomplete without getting a little more glam than usual. This includes popping on some high heels and finishing off the look with some false eyelashes (of course!)

If we revert back to my days at uni (or more appropriately, nights out at uni), Eylure false eyelashes were always my go-to. And they still are. For weddings, celebrations, or just any occasion where I feel like getting a little more dressed up. Why? Because they hit the nail on the head every. single. time.

As someone who is a creature of habit, I’ve always used the Eylure Volume Petite 107. You see, when I find something that works and that I like, I tend to stick with it.

Until now.

When I was asked if I wanted to try out more of the Eylure False Eyelashes range, I jumped at the chance. I know Eylure have a whole range of amazing false eyelashes. So, this was the perfect time to see what else they have to offer and find out what I did, or did not, like.

In particular, I really wanted to try out the Eylure Luxe Magnetic Corner Lash which I had my eye on after seeing Beth Sandland raving about them. So, I was kindly sent the Eylure…

  • Luxe Magnetic Corner Lash
  • x Kimberley Texture No 158
  • Enchanted Neon Dreams After Dark (Limited Edition)

But, before we get any further, let’s make this super easy for you. If you’re in a hurry and just want to find out the overruling opinion on these lashes, I’ve done a little Q&A below. If you want to know more, I’ve done a small section on each of the false eyelashes, going into a bit more detail. Information is knowledge and all that!

Q&A on the Eylure False Eyelashes:

Which was your favourite Eylure false eyelash to use?

It has to be the Eylure Luxe Magnetic Corner Lash.

Which was your least favourite false eyelash to use?

For me personally, it was probably the Eylure Enchanted Neon Dreams After Dark. I’m not always the biggest fan of looking quite so heavy on the eye makeup side. Because these are much fuller, that’s exactly the kind of look they achieve. Perfect for a big night out, but not so perfect for day wear.

Which Eylure lashes would you recommend to wear in the day?

If you’re going to a wedding, you have a baby shower or engagement to celebrate (or you just fancy making more of an effort!), then the Luxe Magnetic lashes are perfect for day time wear. They’re a little more subtle as they’re only applied to the corner of your lash, but still make an impact without being OTT. Alternatively, the Kimberley Texture lashes are also more understated whilst creating a gorgeous finish by having a more defined outer edge. Perfection!

Which was the easiest lash to apply?

Eylure Luxe Magnetic Corner Lash. Without a doubt! I’d take a guess that with a tiny bit of practice (which isn’t really needed), you’d have both eyes done in 30 seconds. I probably should have timed myself…

Can I reuse any of them or are they single use?

All of them can be reused, which is amazing! No one wants to buy false eyelashes which have to be chucked after one wear! Plus, it all makes a difference to reducing our single use waste! In terms of practicalities, the Eylure Luxe Magnetic Corner Lash would be easier to keep in good condition. There’s no glue involved (sometimes it can go really messy once it’s mixed with your eyeshadow!) and it comes with a small box to put them back in. Easy!

Are false eyelashes safe?

As far as I’m aware (I’m no beauty expert!), false eyelashes are completely safe to use if applied correctly. I know there’s quite a lot of conversation about how safe eyelash extensions are in terms of ruining your natural lashes, but these are generally only worn for a few hours at a time before being removed to go to sleep!

Are these the only styles Eylure do?

No! The Eylure range is massive, so you can really pick a style to suit your taste. You can take a look at the complete range right here:

Eylure Luxe Magnetic Corner Lash

Okay, let’s start with my favourite. SPOILER! As I mentioned above, I really wanted to try out these Magnetic lashes to see if they were as easy to use as they claimed to be. Now that I’m slightly older and slightly more lazy (ahem), something which can put me off using false eyelashes is how long they can take me to apply. I’m not a master at false eyelash application, and it can stress me out with ALL THAT GLUE! But, as glue isn’t needed with these (it’s just a magnet!), I thought these could be the answer I’ve been looking for.

I’ll be honest. When they arrived, I was a little sceptical as to how well they would actually work and how they would actually look. For starters, I’m used to using lashes which go across the full lash, rather than just at the end. So, this initially looked completely different to what I was used to. But, as long as you put a layer of mascara on before application, it all fits really nicely and simply achieves that ‘fanned out look’ at the edges. My favourite! And yes, once your mascara is on, it really is as simple as putting one lash on top of the other and the magnet pops together!

What’s even better? You can practice as much as you like until you get the lashes to fit perfectly. There’s no having to get it right first time around! You can simply just pull the two eyelashes apart and start all over again. No mess!

Top tip: the lashes come with an applicator, but after trying both this and my fingers, I actually found it easier to just use my fingers. Something worth noting!

As I also mentioned previously, these lashes are kept in a really handy box to store them in after use. This is the dream, as it means they won’t get completely ruined after use (something which has happened way too many times for my liking!)

By far, these are my new favourite lashes (sorry 107) and in all honesty, I can’t see me going back to using glue ones now. They’re cleaner, they don’t irritate my eyes and they’re so much quicker to apply – meaning one thing. You have more time on that dance floor!

Eylure x Kimberley Texture No 158

As mentioned above, these are more of a subtle lash. The lashes are thinner and not so heavily packed together, giving a lighter overall look whilst adding some definition to your eyes. They’re perfect if you don’t want to look too bold on the eye, but still want more of a defined look which mascara can’t always achieve.

Unlike the magnetic lashes, these do require glue. This of course means they’re more prone to mess if you’re not always fab at applying lashes (like me!) but once they’re on, you’re good to go all night long!

Eylure Enchanted Neon Dreams After Dark (Limited Edition)

These are definitely the fullest looking lash of all 3. They’re full of texture and are much darker than the other two lashes. Perfect for that smoky eye, bold look for an evening out, but may be a little OTT for celebrations during the day – depending on your preference and style.

Again, these lashes require glue to be used so do take far longer to apply than the Luxe Magnetic lashes. But, if a bold and very glam look is what you’re after, these lashes are the perfect choice.

If you have any more questions about the Eylure lashes, I’d be more than happy to help! Just pop on over to my Instagram and I’ll get right back to you. There’s nothing quite better than girly chats after all, is there?!


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