“The past 4 weeks of house renovation progress have been super exciting, with some major changes happening. After all, the back of our house is now completely open!”

YAY! Welcome back to more house renovation progress – a weekly diary of sorts!

The first 4 weeks were all about ripping out the old and making way for the new, so I was super excited to get stuck in with the house renovation progress a little more. Let’s get straight into it!

If you missed the start of the renovations kicking off, you can catch up here.


Week 5

Week 5 came around quickly, and it was a big one…

First up – the spare bedroom chimney breast was removed! You’ll remember from my last post that this was never the original plan. I was always hoping there would be an old Victorian fireplace hiding behind the wall. Wishful thinking! There wasn’t. And as the second bedroom is only fairly small, we thought it would make more sense to remove the chimney breast to make way for a wall of storage instead. A much more practical use of the space!

We then replaced the floor joists – a fairly boring job, but a necessity! Plus, I’ve got to say, it’s really nice not going upstairs and having a huge gaping hole where you can see down into the old kitchen space!

Then things got really exciting! All of our steels were delivered and started to go in. I knew they’d be a tricky (and stressful!) job, but I didn’t anticipate quite how heavy they would be. 7 guys had to lift them and put them in! This is probably the biggest job of this whole renovation as it’s such a huge change, so YAY for hitting another renovation milestone!

I’ve got to say, the steels going in was a little (a lot) nerve-wracking. After all, the thought of the top of your house being held up by just a few acrow’s is never a comfortable one! But, so far so good and progress, progress, progress!

Week 6

Week 6 and the focus was purely on finishing putting all of the steels in, bricking up any gaps and then pulling all of the walls down. I mean, just look at it!!

Ignoring the fact that the back of our house was now fully open to the elements…it was so great to see the space coming together. I always found it so difficult to envisage how big the space was going to be. But, knocking out the old utility and downstairs bathroom wall made it all feel so real! And BIG!

Once the steels were in, the brickwork also started to go up nice and quickly. Just how I like it! And let’s not forget about Socks’ all important cat flap being put in place too.

Week 7

Week 7 was an important one, but a little boring from our side in terms of not seeing much physical process.

One word: drainage!

It’s a necessary evil that seemed to take a little longer than expected. However, it was approved by our building inspector first time around (thank goodness!). This means our block and beam floor could start to go down.

We were originally going to get cement poured in for the flooring. I’m so glad we opted for block and beams instead. It was so quick to go in, no drying time and worked out a bit cheaper too. Win, win!

Week 8

Week 8 and the brick walls were flying up – giving our neighbours some much needed privacy again!

Our new bathroom window had also been knocked out, leaving us with a much bigger window than we had before. Bring on all the light!

And our very first delivery of interior pieces arrived. Excitement levels were high! We’re still a way off getting our bathroom done. However, due to long lead times on the bath and basin, we decided to place the order straight away. So for now, we have a toilet, flush plate and some other small bits and pieces ready and waiting for the day they can go in. It can’t come soon enough! And I can’t wait to reveal our plans. Keep your eyes peeled for the bathroom mood board…

These past 4 weeks of house renovation progress have been super exciting, with some major changes happening. After all, the back of our house is now completely open!

We’ve also been so lucky with our builders. They’ve worked so hard and nothing is too much trouble. I know so many people struggle to find decent builders, so it’s been a dream we found a great team to work with! If you’re in Birmingham, we’d happily recommend them if you’re on the lookout – just drop me a direct message on Instagram.


Bring on the next 4 weeks… here’s hoping there will be even more to show you!



  1. Alison
    10/09/2020 / 5:59 am

    This is incredible as we are embarking on extending our terrace house out to the side as you have – we haven’t got far but plans are drawn kitchen is redesigned and we have the quotes – we now need to approach our neighbours, we looked to see if there were boundary lines on the deeds but alas as Victorians did there are no markings – I was wondering if you had solid advice on this at all? When you look down the line from the garden you can see the W Sistine partition wall is set to ‘our house/side’ – and when you ask people (builders etc) they tend to think it is ‘our wall’ so to speak… do you have any advice on this at all? The current all is rotten 6ft and needs much attention regardless of our plan. Any help appreciated thank you I look forward to seeing your progress

    • madelaineblogs
      22/10/2020 / 8:39 pm

      Sorry for the super late reply! How exciting!! You may have already progressed past this stage now, but I’m not sure we can be much help as we had boundary line deeds. Either way, we’ve built 100mm in from either side of our boundaries, to allow for guttering etc so we were sure we wouldn’t go over at all. If you’re not sure, it may be worth building slightly in like we did! Sorry, I know that’s not much help! x

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