“This creative funk, writer’s block, or whatever the hell you want to call it, always seems to happen when you most need your creative flow. You have a deadline nearing, a blog post that has to be written, or even a damned email that needs sending, but you just seem incapable of putting it together. For the love of God, why?!”

Lately I seem to be in a bit of a creative funk. You know that really annoying, dreaded feeling we all get sometimes when your mind just seems to be…empty? You know what it’s like. For the life of you, you simply cannot seem to put fingertip to keyboard even though that’s really all you want to do, or need to do. Not happening today. And perhaps not even tomorrow. Yes. This is the very same feeling as that of hitting a brick wall (metaphorically speaking of course). It makes me feel like I’m playing out the Rachel and Amy scene from Friends. You know the one, where Amy comes to stay, they end up getting in a fight and Rachel holds Amy back with her arms outstretched on top of her head to stop her from hitting her? Yeah. That. So bloody close, yet so far.

And, this creative funk, writer’s block, or whatever the hell you want to call it, always seems to happen when you most need your creative flow. You have a deadline nearing, a blog post that has to be written, or even a damned email that needs sending, but you just seem incapable of putting it together. For the love of God, why?!

Despite this painfully tiring element we all have in our lives now and then, the worst and most difficult to accept of it all? It’s going to happen. Again, and again. And there’s not much we can do about that fact. It’s one of life’s annoying moments. And whether we’re bloggers or not, writer’s block is painful. And frustrating. Which of course inevitably leaves us feeling a little stressed.

But, this funk is quite frankly a nightmare. Without our creative mojo, who’s going to write our blog posts for us, come up with new content, or film exciting vlogs? Yep, you guessed it. No one.

Since starting my blog, and of course going through one too many writer’s blocks for my liking, I’ve decided to use this current (unwelcome) downtime to my advantage, and to actually write about it. Since becoming a blogger, I’ve had to come up with a few strategies in order to get to the other side much quicker than I normally would, so that I can get back to doing what I like most. Writing. So, I like to think I’ve now come up with a few tips to get over writer’s block as quickly as possible, tell you how you can refrain from getting it in the first place, and ultimately get your mojo back.

Get out of the house

I swear this is my answer to everything, but my God does it do the trick. If you’re having no hope getting any words down, continuing to sit there and stare at a blank screen isn’t going to help anybody. Let alone your sanity. Put the laptop down, grab your coat, go outside and do anything, literally anything, other than fret about what you should be doing but can’t. Your brain needs time to chill out, and the only way you’re going to get it back on track is by letting it go. Stop thinking about it and stop forcing it. Grab a coffee, get that cake, meet up with a friend, go for a walk, or get some retail therapy. A few hours away from your desk and away from your muted thoughts will seriously help.

Take an actual break

Okay, it’s one thing leaving your house for a few hours to take a break, but when was the last time you actually took a break away from it all? Sure, we all say we’re having a ‘break’ and leave what we’re doing for an afternoon, or even a whole day. But, when did you actually have a break for a week or more? Time to allow yourself to actually switch off and not feel guilty about doing so? No instagram pictures, no planning, no photos, no scheduling – nothing. You really want your brain to start working again? Then let it properly rest. We all need our beauty sleep – even our brains sometimes.

Look on Pinterest, Instagram or read other blogs

If your brain feels a little like mush, then a good way to get inspired is to look elsewhere. By this, I don’t mean simply copying ideas, but looking at what else is available out there may just bring your brain back to life. Look on Pinterest. This is my go-to for feeling inspired in almost all aspects of my life; be it at work, interior, parties etc. Check out Instagram. See what pictures people are posting, what themes there are – more often than not, seeing visual elements triggers a reaction from us, which in turn can often lead to a new blog post idea to talk about. And of course, read other posts from the bloggers you love. Not only does this mean you’re being super supportive, but bloggers are influencers after all. By checking out your favourites, you’re more likely to instantly feel inspired. See the topics they’re talking about or an interest they have – it may well just spark your own ideas to get yourself writing again.

Got a rough idea? Get it down. Pronto.

This one isn’t necessarily how to shake your writer’s block, but it’s one which will help minimise it happening in the first place. Whether it’s having a notepad with you at the ready, or even using your notes in your phone, if you have an idea spring to mind (they often do happen at the most inconvenient times), write it down. I can’t emphasise this one enough.

There have been several times when an idea will pop into my head, I haven’t written them down, and now? There’s no way I could tell you what they were. Your thoughts are fleeting, so savour them while you can. Since doing this myself, I’ve now got a page full of blog post ideas all waiting to be written up. This is rather different to how it was last year, when I would generally think of a blog post and write them up one at a time. And it’s so refreshing.

Think about what you would want to read, what you enjoy or things you would Google

If your creative funk is lasting a little longer than usual, and after a proper break away from it all you still can’t help but feel a little fraught, then I find actively forcing your brain to get itself into gear is the only way forward. If you have no idea what to write about next, then put yourself in your writer’s shoes. This may sound obvious, but it seems to work with me.

What interests you at the minute? Be it books, cooking, or even TV shows – these are things you probably think about on the daily anyway, and you’ll most likely realise you have something to say about them. Think about the things you want to read, or find out more about – even things you would actively search for on Google to get more detail or information about – and write about it! After all, blogging can be just about anything you want.

Goodbye funk. Hello mojo!


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