“If Harry thought I was a princess before, he had no idea what was about to come, albeit it in the form of a little furry friend.”


I’m super excited to tell you all that last weekend, Harry and I brought home a little addition to our household – our gorgeous kitten, Socks!

Both Harry and I have always seen ourselves as more ‘dog’ people. We’ve both had family members who have always had dogs and have always grown up with them. That was, until a few years ago when my mum adopted a rescue cat and I realised just how cute they really were…

The decision making process

The decision to get a kitten was actually a fairly short process. That said, it felt like an age of Harry and I to-ing and fro-ing as to whether to take the plunge!

My friend from work had some kittens and was looking to re-home them. Of course, once she asked me about the possibility of getting a kitten, it was pretty much set. We would of course end up with one! Hello huge animal lovers!

It was from this point onwards that the decision making process began. Meeting Socks threw out any doubts and reservations we had. What did we expect really?! The kitten cuteness won us over in an instant! We’d decided on her name after meeting her; Socks, as she wears 4 ‘white socks’ and that was that!

It’s not something we went into lightly. We wanted to make sure we knew what we were getting into, come to terms with the fact that our house would most likely be clawed to death(!), and of course weigh up the costs associated with having a pet. Once we were happy with all of this (less so the house part!), and we were sure it was the right time for us, we went for it!

Bringing Socks home

When the day rolled around for Harry and I to pick up Socks, we couldn’t wait. We were like two big kids on Christmas day!

We brought her home (she was an angel in the car!) and she settled in right away. There wasn’t a single accident, or even a cry looking for her mum (which I’m so thankful for!). And yes, she’s absolutely gorgeous (although we may be slightly biased).

She’s already got such a cheeky character. She’s confident, quiet and extremely playful! If Harry thought I was a princess before, he had no idea what was about to come, albeit it in the form of a little furry friend.

As you may be able to tell, we’re already completely smitten. We’re so happy we could give her a loving home with us and we know she’s going to bring us so much joy. So, as she settles in some more, and gets to grips with her new surroundings, I thought I’d share some of our first photos of her with you all.

Cue: “Awww”.


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