“Welcome to the family Poppy. You’re so loved already.”

Our little surprise

Well, I told you there were going to be a few surprises in 2020, and here’s the first!

Just two weeks into 2020 and…we have a PUPPY!

A little 8 week old, black Labrador puppy called Poppy. And she’s ADORABLE!

I’ve had another day off work today to look after our little pup before Harry takes over. The house is strangely quiet as both Socks and Poppy are fast asleep, so I’m grabbing this opportunity to introduce you to Poppy the labrador puppy (if you haven’t already seen on Instagram).

A weekend into having her and we’ve quickly learnt that unless Poppy is sleeping, you can double (or triple) the amount of time it would take you to do any normal task and then you may just about get it done. So yes. This introduction is a little later than planned, but here we go!

As you know, we already have a much loved furry friend who has been with us for almost 3 years now – our lovely girl, Socks. But it now seemed like the right time for us to bring another one into the mix (and quite possibly because I couldn’t put Harry off for another 4 years!)

We were originally planning on getting a dog a couple of years ago, before we had Socks. But the timing wasn’t right and we decided our living and work situation just wouldn’t be ideal for a dog. Let alone a puppy.

Getting a puppy…

Fast forward to now, Harry’s desire for a dog still hadn’t subsided (as if it ever would!) but our situation has changed quite a bit.

We have a bigger house with more room – which also has a secure garden. Harry now owns his own business, so he can take Poppy to the office with him everyday. And we’re generally in a better position to be able to welcome, and look after, another furry friend into our lives!

I’ve always said I’d love to adopt a dog if we were to ever get one. It’s something my Gran has always done and I’ve always loved the idea of helping a dog in need. We looked into this for quite a while first, but couldn’t find a dog that was suitable for our living arrangements. One that could live with a cat, could be around children (they’ll hopefully have to be one day) or could be left alone etc etc.

So, a puppy it was! We weighed up the pro’s and con’s – literally by writing up a list! Talked over the “what if” scenarios that could happen, considered how it would affect or alter our day-to-day, how we thought Socks would be…the list goes on. It definitely wasn’t an overnight decision!

Obviously, after a lot of back and forth, we decided the good outweighed the bad and to just go for it! Which is where little Poppy came along.

Hello, Poppy!

She was the runt of the litter and was super tiny when we first visited her at 5 weeks old. CUTENESS! And she stole our hearts straight away.

We then decided on her name soon after. We not only liked the name Poppy, but we also wanted something to go with Socks. Poppy for short is ‘Pops’. Put that with Socks and you get “Popsocks!” Yes, really. Cute, no?

We’ve only had her for one weekend, but she’s already settling in so well and being far better than we ever expected! She’s already nailed “sit” and is onto “paw” and “down”. They say that labs are one of the most intelligent breeds for training, and she’s definitely doing them justice! As for how Socks is finding it – she’s a little unsettled but ok. She’s very interested in her, but is still a little timid when Poppy is jumping around! She is a very energetic labrador puppy after all! But I’m hopeful that they’ll be friends in no time. Especially as all Poppy wants to do is to say hi whenever she sees her!

As you can tell, we’re loving it (despite being a bit extra tired than usual!) and we’re so happy with our decision. She’s going to be one spoilt pup!

There’s bound to be a few more updates about Poppy along the way, but you can keep up to date easily on my Instagram about how she’s doing. There’s even a Poppy highlight!

Welcome to the family Poppy. You’re so loved already.



  1. 16/01/2020 / 10:30 pm

    Oh she is so beautiful, and I love her name! Getting a puppy was the best thing I ever did – they’re hard work but soooo worth it! x

    • madelaineblogs
      17/01/2020 / 3:36 pm

      Thank you! She’s such a sweetie (albeit a very bitey one right now!)
      Definitely worth it!! x

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