“Did you say macaroons? Of course I’ll be there!”

Miss Macaroon

For those of you who know me well, or just know of me in some way at all, will most likely be aware of my extreme sweet tooth. Chocolate, cakes, sweets – you name it. If it’s high in sugar, I’m bound to love it.

My love of macaroons first stemmed from a holiday to the South of France. The texture, the sweetness, the all-round deliciousness…you get my drift. So, when Miss Macaroon invited me to the preview launch of their new flavours, of course I couldn’t resist.

The event

I was lucky enough to join 5 other Birmingham-based bloggers ready for our evening of tasting, alongside a (rather large) glass of prosecco – the best start.

Now, if you think this event was all about munching our way through macaroons, you wouldn’t be wrong. In fact, you’d be very right. I mean, can you think of anything better?! I doubt it. I was in heaven. Especially when the macaroons tasted so good. Should I have not eaten that chocolate at work knowing what I was about to embark upon? Yes. But hey, life’s for living and all that.

So, what was it all about?

The premise behind the preview launch was quite simple: to have a macaroon war! Sounds fun, right? To sum up – Miss Macaroon has created 6 potential new flavours to bring to market. But, only 3 will make it. How are they chosen? From a simple taste test and vote, of course!

We were presented with two macaroons at a time which were pitted against one another, hearing all about the ingredients chosen whilst munching away. Who said we can’t multitask?! At the end of each ’round’, we then voted for our favourite. The macaroons with the majority votes gave us our 3 favourite flavours.

Now we’ve done our part, it’s over to the public! Miss Macaroon is holding a ticketed event this week, opening up the macaroon war for everyone to have their say. You guessed it! The 3 macaroons with the most votes overall will be introduced to the world…hello you delicious thing you.

But, before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let’s get our teeth stuck in. Here’s what was served (drum roll please…):

Yuzu and Elderflower VS. Black Sesame and Yuzu

Yum. Yum. And more yum. Both, of course, were delicious, but if I had to pick a favourite? The Black Sesame and Yuzu surprisingly won me over.

I’ll be completely honest, before trying either of these, I really thought the sound of the Black Sesame and Yuzu would not be to my taste. God knows why, it was just something to do with ‘Black Sesame’ that didn’t sound so appealing to me. Luckily, I was so wrong. Not only was this my favourite out of these two, but it was also my favourite flavour overall. Yes, it really is that good. Plus, it’s dairy free too! This makes the texture a little different to your usual macaroon. It’s more chewy and a little drier, but wow did that just make it even better somehow. Yes, I may be salivating as I type this…let’s move on.

Super Cacao and Passion Fruit VS. Mango and Cinnamon

Again, this choice surprised me. I’m not a fan of cinnamon usually, but blow me over, did the mango and cinnamon turn out to be my favourite of these two! It was much sweeter, and gives you a longer flavour sensation. Get me sounding like a proper foodie professional…!

But seriously, it’s good. Really good.

Wild Blueberry with Baobab VS. Fresh Raspberry with Baobab

Not only did this event open my eyes to the ever-growing availability of different macaroon flavours, but it also opened my eyes to new ingredients I’d never even heard of. Baobab? I’m not even sure how you pronounce this one to be honest. But, hey, let’s go with it.

This round had a resounding winner, with all of us voting the blueberry as our favourite. By far the strongest taste of all the macaroons, it was fruity and bursting with flavour. And yes, I may have gobbled it all up in one go. I challenge you not to!

Miss Macaroon

Aside from my tastebuds being on a complete high, I also loved finding out more about the Miss Macaroon business itself. Hearing the ‘behind the scenes’ of a company is so refreshing. When a business isn’t all about earning profit and sales for themselves, but is actively working to give back to the community too. It’s amazing, and inspiring, and you’re bound to love what Miss Macaroon is about just as much as me…

Miss Macaroon

So, what is Miss Macaroon?

Miss Macaroon is a social enterprise business. If you’re not into all that business chat (like me), then don’t worry – we had to clarify what ‘social enterprise’ was too! But, a social enterprise business is when a company takes out their profit to give to good causes.

For Miss Macaroon, this means reinvesting this profit into training young offenders. They hold workshops and training sessions, initially starting off with a 4 week training session to learn the ‘basics’, followed by another 4 weeks where they put the theory into practise, with individuals getting their hands dirty in the kitchen! They visit other businesses too to hear from successful CEO’s and managers, understanding what path they took, what they’re doing and how they’ve stayed motivated. It’s inspiring for the trainee’s and it’s inspiring for the onlookers too.

If that’s not enough, wherever possible, Miss Macaroon also tries to work alongside other social enterprises, like ‘We Juice’ who turn wasted fruit into amazing juices, and ‘Two Fingers Brewery’ who give their profits to Prostate Cancer UK.

Miss Macaroon

Pretty impressive, isn’t it?! And it got me thinking. I’ve never heard of ‘We Juice’ or ‘Two Fingers Brewery’ before, but they sound incredible. I actively want to support even more companies who give back to the community, make a difference, do amazing good deeds and are ethical too. These are the type of companies who should be celebrated, shouted about and supported more often. Why? Because they’re really making a difference.

So, if you live in Birmingham, are based near to Birmingham, or just fancy popping along for a day out, be sure to check Miss Macaroon out in the City Centre. You’ll be supporting a small social enterprise business, will be able to pick up some of the best macaroons I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting, and you’ll be greeted with a warm smile too. What more could you ask for?!

Miss Macaroon is conveniently based in the city centre of Birmingham (UK) in the Great Western Arcade.


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