“I give you the first of many…the downstairs toilet mood board! I initially really struggled to have a vision for this space, but it’s now one of the rooms I’m most excited to see come together.”

Drum roll please… I give you the first of many: The downstairs toilet mood board! Eeek!

If you follow me on Instagram, or have been following our house buying, and (now soon-to-be) house renovating journey here, I told you that I’d be sharing lots of mood boards with you when I revealed our full extension plans, so you can see exactly how we want our new spaces to look.

I’m not an interior designer (I wish!), so these mood boards are in no way super fancy or professional. But I love seeing a vision come together. And creating a mood board is such a great way to do it easily and quickly. Whether you’re an interior designer or just someone who has a passion for interior (like me!), a mood board is simply a place to get creative and see if the items you think you want in a room actually work together. Add in items, remove items that don’t work, and play around with the layout until you feel happy with the space you’ve ‘created’!

I thought I’d start with the smallest room first. We’re going to be adding a downstairs toilet in underneath our stairs, which is currently a Monica Geller style cupboard! And this is our vision for it…

The downstairs toilet mood board

The space…

The downstairs toilet will be a small and compact room, but we felt that it made sense to turn this currently un-loved space into a useable area. Plus, a downstairs toilet is always useful to have!

The room has absolutely no natural light, so it’s a very dark space in its current format. Initially, I was trying to think of ways we could brighten the room to fit in with the rest of the house – creating bright, minimal and airy spaces!

However, I soon realised that no amount of white paint would have any impact. In fact, it would just make the toilet a very bland, boring space which didn’t offer anything new or exciting to look at. Lots of designers say to embrace a dark space, so that’s what we’ve decided to do! After all, if you’re going to be a bit daring with one room in your house, the downstairs toilet is the place to give it a go.

The mood board explained

We’ve decided to go for dark green tiles which will go from floor to ceiling on just one wall, which will house the basin. This will sit directly opposite the toilet. The remaining walls will be painted in a dark green (I think!). I’m hoping the Osidian Green will look good, but I’m currently waiting for a sample so this may change. Either way, we’re going dark! The floor will be laid in herringbone Eton Oak, which will follow through into the rest of the extension.

The bathroom fittings themselves are pretty standard. I was originally looking at concrete basins (I love them!) but they’re super pricy. We can’t justify spending £££’s on one small item, when we have so much else to do. But I actually love this basin as it is. It’s modern and simple, but I think it makes a statement in its own right when paired with the matt black tap.

The smaller details…

I wanted the finishing touches to add some drama to the room. I’m obsessed with all things brass, so immediately knew I wanted to incorporate some in here. I also knew I wanted to include some Scandinavian inspired pieces to flow with the overall theme of the house.

The brass light will be directly above the mirror, against the tiled wall. As soon as I saw it, I knew it would have the impact I was looking for. It will be perfect for adding moody lighting to the space. The mirror has a lovely brass edge which will tie in with the light. And I absolutely adore the shape of it, which I’m hoping will add some extra interest.

Little details will then finish the room off. Brass hooks will sit on the back of the door. This is where the hand towel will be kept (to help keep the space looking neat) as well as a string bag which we’ll keep toilet rolls in. Practical but tidy! A Ferm Living toilet paper holder will be attached to the wall by the toilet, and a wooden stool will sit by the basin to add extra interest and texture. The stool will be the perfect place to put a diffuser, candle, soap or hand cream on!

I hope you like it!

I initially really struggled to have a vision for this space, but it’s now one of the rooms I’m most excited to see come together (even though it will be tiny and therefore probably a nightmare to photograph!) Creating a mood board has been the only way I’ve been able to pull this room together, so I can’t wait to get started on all of the other mood boards now too. Fingers crossed we can stick to this design as much as possible… Watch this space!



  1. 14/05/2020 / 7:46 pm

    This is stunning. Great job. I’ll be signing up to your email list for sure.

    • madelaineblogs
      16/05/2020 / 1:01 pm

      Thank you so much! Can’t wait to turn it into a reality!

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