“It’s (almost) time for the next exciting chapter. I’m so ready for it!”

AHH! We’ve only gone and done it. You’ll know if you follow me on Instagram exactly what I’m harping on about.


3 years later and we’ve sold our first house. Or Harry’s house if we’re being technical… and moved out!

We’ve had so many good times in our first home together. I feel a whole range of emotions about it no longer being ours. The thought that someone else is referring to it as their home is a little weird, I must admit. That, paired with the fact we no longer have a home to call ours, is a little sad. Saying goodbye to Bishopton wasn’t easy.

But, before we go all in with the the next house, I thought I’d show you a little before and after post with photos.

I personally love posts or programmes like this. And although this wasn’t a huge renovation project with massive changes, I’m still pleased with the changes we made. So, I thought I’d throw one in as we say goodbye to Bishopton and before we skip to the next chapter with an actual renovation on our hands.

I think the key thing to take from these photos is that decor is EVERYTHING! With it being our first home, we didn’t have much money to spend. Luckily, the house didn’t need too much TLC. A lick of paint (4 coats in every room to be exact), a new bathroom, new flooring and furniture and the difference you can make to a room can be quite transformational!

Bishopton ‘before’

I managed to dig out the original photos shown on RightMove from when Harry first bought Bishopton in 2016. Looking back at these, I think it’s fair to say the photographer did a very good job in making the rooms look a lot nicer (and brighter) than they actually were!

Let’s just say I found it a little difficult to look past the colour and mess when we went to view the property to see it’s potential.

I mean, what lovely, lovely use of colour eh…

Other than painting, putting in new flooring, and installing a new bathroom suite – we didn’t change too much about this house. There were no structural changes or redesigns anyway.

However, we did change the downstairs floor-plan to suit our needs better. We turned the front room into the dining room and the back room as the lounge instead. Personally, we didn’t like the thought of being looked in from passers by as we tried to relax during the evening.

Other than that, everything else pretty much stayed the same.

Bishopton ‘after’

I’m so pleased with how homely we made it. I hope you’ll all agree in saying that we left Bishopton to be a much cleaner, fresher and modern house than before.

In doing this house up, slowly but surely, we’ve definitely learnt a lot. And now, going forward we have a much clearer idea of what sort of style and design we love and want to incorporate in our next home. Although I’m sure there will be plenty of learning curves still to come!

But for now, we’re back in Harry’s old room at his parents, eagerly waiting for our house buying process to go through. We’re hoping it will only be a matter of weeks, and then we can be reunited with Socks and start renovating. Goodbye Bishopton, Hello renovation! Eeeek!

It’s (almost) time for the next exciting chapter. I’m so ready for it!



    • madelaineblogs
      25/09/2019 / 8:56 pm

      Ah thank you!! That’s so sweet. Can’t wait to get started with it!

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