“What even is perfection? You certainly can’t quantify it. It’s subjective. What someone sees as being perfect, someone else may not. Yet we strive to portray a level of perfection to others. Erm, why is that again?”

I started writing this post on one of those days when my hair was scraped back, jogging bottoms were on and I still had a slight hangover despite it being 5pm. Far from picture perfect. But, this…situation, led me to the whole idea of this post. I was sat behind the screen looking, and feeling, far from my best. Yet realistically, did I share an image of this version of myself for the whole world to see? Of course not. Because, of course, that would definitely not add to my little squares on Instagram, look any kind of perfect, or gain any kind of likes (trust me). And, in turn, that would only go against the dreaded Instagram algorithm – but let’s not even start on that one.

Perfect. It’s a word I use far too often. Everything seems to be perfect.

“Let’s meet at 7?” Perfect.”Is that ok?” Perfect. “Here’s (insert item here)”. Perfect.

Argh! According to what I say, I’m currently living in a perfect world, with perfect people with a perfect response to everything. Even though it may not be perfect at all – despite my life being great. So, what does perfect mean? What even is perfection? You certainly can’t quantify it. It’s subjective. What someone sees as being perfect, someone else may not. Yet we strive to portray a level of perfection to others. Erm, why is that again? I mean, we certainly don’t do it for ourselves. We know our reality. We know how we spent our day, or weekend. But we make sure that we portray this, on some level, as being ‘perfect’. Or your idea of it. It happens before we put up a picture. Before we publish a post. Before you send a text to your love interest. You do it without even outwardly thinking you’re doing it. We plan what we’re going to say to said love interest to make ourselves sound endearing, or fun – even if it’s made to look like a casual, quick text. We plan our blog posts or emails – check and double-check again to make sure we’ve got it all down with no errors. We publish only the best picture of ourselves on social media, or of our outing. And we can’t be blamed for that. That’s just life. Everyone does it, so we shouldn’t feel bad for doing it too. But, when did it become such a thing to put so much pressure on ourselves to fulfill this level of perfection? When did you ever get sat down as a child and told this is what perfect looks like and you must be like that or do that? Never, I’m hoping.

Coming into the blogosphere, it’s easy to see how wrapped up you can become with other people’s lives and in feeling a little envious. The need to ‘compete’ with everyone else can seem a little overwhelming. The blogging community is huge. Bigger than I even imagined, so with that, there is an element of ‘how do you even get your name out there?’ The simple, albeit cynical answer? By making your social media and blog look like you lead the idyllic life that other people will want to see. You know the story and I won’t bore you with how social media is a significant medium in adding to our pressure to be ‘perfect’. 

1) Because I actually love social media and seeing little snippets into other people’s lives.

2) Well, we’ve all heard it enough already.

But, portraying a level of perfection doesn’t just occur in the blogosphere. We see the picture perfect life in adverts, on the internet, the TV, or even in our daily lives.

So, how do we overcome it?

Well, instead of putting pressure on ourselves to try to match, or achieve this level of ‘perfection’ (that’s most likely unrealistic anyway), let’s take a step back every once in a while and just enjoy the now. Stop and take it all in (without whipping out your camera to show it to the rest of the world). Have some time to enjoy something, just for you. Share the more un-perfect and un-preened days now and then, rather than saying how each and every day has been ‘perfect’. I personally love it when I see captions alongside Instagram pictures actually giving you a point blank reality of someones crappy day. Black and white. This is my life. It allows you to laugh along, think ‘me too’ or just feel like you’re on a level with them, because they’re not pretending they live in a perfect world, perfectly, all the time. And it’s so refreshing.

So this isn’t a post to make us feel like we should get off our phones, stop taking pictures, or feel bad for doing just that. We do this because we love it after all! But, it’s a post to act as a little reminder to be kinder on ourselves. To not feel like we have to be perfect, all of the time. And to remember that despite what you see on the internet, YouTube, or even an advert, that it’s not necessarily a true reflection of reality and, like with most things, they only show you only the best version. So, let’s live in the real world and just see (and try to enjoy on the most part) what happens – the good and the bad. And let’s share that with each other! Because this is who we are, and we’re not going to be changing any time soon.


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